Have you ever noticed the ads that appear in the search results on Google when you search for something? If yes, then you have are already seen exactly what PPC or pay-per-click advertising is.

Basically, PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. This is a model commonly associated with search engines such as Google Ads and Bing Ads but is also associated with certain forms Social Media advertising. Unlike other forms of advertising in which the advertiser pays for space or exposure to an audience, in the case of “Pay-per-click” Advertisers are charged only when a user actually clicks on their ad, therefore the name “pay-per-click”. This is why Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways to market your business and as a business owner, you should not underestimate its ability to transform your business.

How exactly does PPC work?

PPC might seem like a really simple concept, but it’s actually much more complicated than it looks at first glance.

Look at it this way: If you want to run an ad on a billboard, you will have to pay for the spot. Also, if you want to run a TV commercial during a really popular program, you will have to pay for that, too and it’s usually a fixed price based on the audience expected to be there at the time your ads go up.

Pay-per-click advertising works in a very different way.

Players in an industry all want to run Ads against the same keywords so Google, Bing and the Social media platforms operate an auction where Advertisers bid against each other for the Clicks on their ads. One competitor may only be prepared to pay £0.50 for a click and another may be willing to pay £1.00 which means the latter’s ads are placed more prominently and hence receive better quality and more frequent clicks. The Cost-per Click (CPC) you as a business might be prepared to pay depends on the costs of your services and how often people tend to enquire, download or buy your products or services after having clicked your ad and landed on your website.

It’s not always about Paying more though, Google especially counts the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear in the Search Engine Results Page when deciding who to award clicks to.

Players in an industry all want to run Ads against the same keywords so Google, Bing, and the Social media platforms operate an auction where Advertisers bid against each other for the Clicks on their ads.

Most used types of PPC Advertising

Unlike the traditional forms of advertising, PPC allows you to directly assess your return on investment, helping you to understand your profitability from any money you decide to invest. Here are the most common types of PPC:

Search Engine Advertising

search engine advertising

You’ve all seen PPC search adverts, although you may not know that’s what they are. The most common type of search ads can be spotted on Google. Bing also offers Bing Advertising. For example, if you Google something, you will notice them at the top and bottom of the organic results. If you look closely, you’ll see the tiny label ‘Ad’. What’s good about search advertising – by entering the auction to have your business’ ad show here you are targeting exactly the people who are searching for your product and are willing to buy it. This is possible thanks to the way Google Ads work – they are organized through the AdWords interface whereby you perform keyword research and create targeted campaigns in order to capture all the possible traffic for your websites. This form of PPC advertising is proven to be really effective in terms of getting customers online. What is more, by launching a PPC campaign, you will receive a small boost to your organic rankings(which can take a lot of time to earn).

Social Media Advertising


Social Media is so big these days! Here are some impressive statistics: according to Brandwatch, there are 3.03 billion active social media users. Also, 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform! Connecting with your customers socially is absolutely necessary these days. You can place your ad in your target demographics’ newsfeed, or in their social hangouts. In fact, you don’t even a significant social media presence to have ad campaigns running within your social media. All you need is simply an account! Bear in mind, the main ones are Facebook Ads, Twitter, and Linkedin. Social Media companies set up their auctions around the audience/targeting options the advertiser picks. For instance you may be targeting 18-24 year olds interested in Kite Surfing but your competitor may also be looking to reach that same audience, potentially with completely different products or services. Social Media platforms can only show people so many ads per month so you will pay more to get seen by everyone if you are going after an audience that’s sought after by many other players. This is different to Google and Bing that run the auction off Keywords people are entering into Google.


Ever been on a website and then seen their advert pop up somewhere else? Well, you’ve been remarketed. This is an awesome method of PPC and targets only people who already showed some interest in your company. They already made the effort to find you and to actually take a look at your website. Seeing your ad again sometimes is just enough to entice them back to your website and convince them to convert. Also, dynamic remarketing is especially effective, as it shows the exact product that a visitor on your website has been looking at. In fact, this is very convenient for your customers!

Display Advertising

Display advertising shows your adverts across all Google partner websites, all over the internet. This method is a little different than the others. Here, you actually who sees your adverts & target mainly people who have visited similar websites before. Or, you can pick relevant industry websites to show your ads. This is a great way to get the most out of your money!

Google Shopping

In case you have an eCommerce website, a Google Shopping campaign might a better choice for you than PPC campaign. These are the ads that show above the Google search results and allows potential customers to see your products & prices before they’ve even got to your website.

Benefits of PPC

PPC can and actually will have a major positive impact of on most businesses and especially brands. In case you’re not doing any PPC Marketing, you are losing lots of traffic and potential customers. Below we listed only some of the benefits of using PPC.
Pay-per-click Advertising can help you achieve a lot of your business and marketing goals. These goals may vary between brand exposure to lots of leads. What’s good about PPC is that almost any type of conversion goal can be tracked. It’s a powerful tool for getting lots of traffic & customers.
PPC Campaigns are measurable & trackable. A major benefit of Google Advertising is that it’s easy to measure & track. You will be able to see important details about your campaigns like impressions, clicks & conversions. Your stats are available at any time!
Quick Results. In case your business is recently launched and you are a lot behind your main competitors, you can quickly gain customers with just a little optimization. Of course, we recommend you to invest time & resources in a long-term SEO strategy, but gaining stable organic rankings usually takes some time. Compared to other channels like email marketing and organic social, you are able to target people who are not familiar with your products yet.
You are in total control. When launching a PPC campaign, you will have a lot of budget flexibility in case you want to start with a small investment. You can scale immediately in case you are seeing positive results. Also, you can stop & take a break whenever you want.
PPC works well with other digital marketing strategies & methods. For instance, PPC & SEO work pretty well combined together. In addition, the performance data about clicks & conversions can help you pick the right keywords & prioritize your SEO efforts well.


Pay-per-click advertising has already proven as a reliable, measurable & convenient tactic to generate tons of customers online & get the appropriate brand exposure. At Brainbroker we work with top-notch PPC specialists, so in case you want to quickly generate more customers online, simply give us a call!