1. What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Suneet Shivaprasad. I am a serial entrepreneur who specialises in Growth Hacking.

2. How long have you been freelancing and why did you decide to become a freelancer?

I first started freelancing over 8 years ago. I became a freelancer as it fit in with my experience gained from successfully building my own ventures, and I was looking to use my experience to help others.

3. What support did you have from family and friends? Did anyone advise you against becoming a freelancer?

When starting out it was useful to have family and friends as a sounding board for ideas and general ways to build up my freelancing portfolio.

4. How would you describe your clients or ideal market?

I specialise in finding the most effective means of rapid growth for startups, SMEs and corporates. The ideal clients within these are those who are looking to take their marketing to the next level and could use the experience of a CMO on a cost-effective and flexible agreement.

5. Why do you think your customers choose you over your competitors?

My unique ability to approach marketing from an experienced business and technical overview, which makes it a great benefit for my clients.

6. Is being a freelancer what you expected?

It takes time to build up a clientele but it fits perfectly into my lifestyle. There has been a lot that I have learned over the years which means that any new client benefits from the years of experience that I have.

7. What application, website or tool could you not do your job without, and why?

Google Analytics. It is a simple tool but something that is vital as a data analysis starting point. Without building a good data analytics infrastructure you can run the risk of spending money without the necessary focus.

8. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a freelancer within your area?

Make sure that you have a solid background and understanding of marketing and an in-depth knowledge of website and app development. Technology is advancing in marketing at great speed. You need to constantly grow to be at the cutting edge of innovation when providing solutions for your clients.

9. What are the most notable things you have learned since starting your business; either about running a business or about yourself?

It is necessary to consistently work hard in order to see success, and luck has a way of finding you if you do. Building a freelancing business has the same traits as all business, where your ability to grow is dependent on the relationships that you build.

10. What is it about being a freelancer that you most enjoy?

The variety of companies that I get to work with is amazing. One day you are working on a Private GP Practice, then a Staging Company, then a Bubble Games project, with every day bringing new and exciting challenges.

11. What is your ultimate professional goal?

To become the best Growth Hacker in the world. Most importantly, though, is seeing clients happy. I work to exceed expectations and help clients keep on growing their company for many years to come.

12. What one thing do you wish you had known before you became a freelancer?

It uses different project management skills that you may not used before. Try to speak to as many freelancers as possible to make sure that you are prepared to manage a flexible and diverse workload.

About Suneet

With 8+ years experience in building and growing companies across many sectors, I look for the simplest and most cost effective methods of growth.