LinkedIn, the social network that allows companies and individuals to connect with other professionals in their industry can also be a fantastic way to promote your business. Like similar forms of online marketing, taking advantage of the features that LinkedIn offers is inexpensive and, if done well, very effective!

If you’re wondering how can you use LinkedIn to benefit your business (regardless of its size), keep reading and take a look at the following tips:

Create a LinkedIn company page


Creating a company page on LinkedIn is entirely free and the first step to start building your brand and get your business noticed. Having a LinkedIn profile will help you strengthen your network and connect with customers, partners and other potential stakeholders of your company. Also, you can also showcase what your business does and display the recommendations that others leave about your business, which is especially relevant to establish trust and encourage your current and potential customers to do business with your organisation.

Market your business in your personal profile

Although important for any business size, presenting yourself professionally as the individual behind the brand is fundamental to establish a good reputation in the network when you own a small business. Hence, ensure that your profile is complete, that it clearly details your business activities and that it links to your company website and other relevant social media accounts.

Get your people on board

Success starts from within! Engaging and involving your business partners and employees in your LinkedIn activities can bring several benefits to your organisation. You can strengthen your brand and build credibility by showing people that your company is related to skilled professionals, having your news and updates liked and shared by them, and accessing their incremental networks to enlarge your reach in the platform.

Interact with others

One of the good advantages of LinkedIn is that it helps you connect and interact with people showing you circles of connectivity. Browse through your connections’ profiles and see if they’re involved with others that could be relevant for your business. You might discover a valuable lead!

Encourage people to engage

In addition to the above, inspire your followers to take action on your post: likes, comments, and shares increase your reach throughout the network and therefore your chances to get noticed. Next time you share an inspiring quote, ask people to like it if they agree with it and prompt them to share their own! Remember: LinkedIn is a social network; hence communication should be bidirectional in nature and you should expect (and encourage) interaction with members of the LinkedIn community.

Join, participate and create LinkedIn Groups

As we have mentioned, LinkedIn is more than creating a profile and gaining followers; it is a community. With hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn groups out there, chances are that a good proportion of your customers and competitors are engaging in it trough LinkedIn groups. Participate in a non-promotional way, answer questions, and be resourceful to build trust and drive traffic and attention back to your site.

Not finding any group that speaks to you or your company? Create one and build a business community centred in a particular topic that engages people!

Engage with relevant content

Content Marketing its been increasingly recognised as a fundamental part of the overall marketing strategy for all types of businesses. However, it is not about just publishing content, but rather the right type of content. Many companies would either a) share overly promotional content or b) offer content of little value to their audience. Remember: the LinkedIn network is formed by real people attracted by appealing visuals, concise summaries and amiable content. If you manage to make your content entertaining, relevant and meaningful for your target audience, chances are they will be back for more!

Place your company in front of the right people

Rule number one of marketing: Not everything is relevant to everybody. Yes, it is important to publish relevant and engaging content, but this needs to be tailored and targeted to the right customers. With LinkedIn’s targeted updates you can choose to share your content with all your follower based or just with your targeted audience. With the later, you narrow down your audience by location, industry, company size, seniority level, and others. Interested in sharing a specific message with CEOs of medium-sized companies based in London? You can do it with LinkedIn.

Focus on SEO


Have you ever realised how high LinkedIn pages tend to rank in search engines when browsing for individuals or company information? Well, let’s take advantage of that! A good start point it is to include keywords highly related to your business in the description of your page. Are you a digital agency based in London? Make sure your page includes the words “digital agency London” or “London-based digital consultancy”. The key is to cover a broad range of words and phrases that describe your business, expertise and industry focus. Also, remember that most search engines will preview just a certain amount of characters of your page when showing the results, hence make sure those are keyword rich and that describe your company shortly and effectively.

Keep it updated

Building a professional and complete LinkedIn page it’s just the starting point! Markets and businesses, especially online, evolve continuously so that any company looking to be successful in this environment would need to ensure that it remains relevant and up- to-date. Share your latest news and update the network on the most recent developments of your company. Do this frequently a strategically to show how serious and active is your business within the industry.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of LinkedIn for your business. Have you engaged in any of these activities or do you have any other additional tips? Let us know in the comments below!